Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Life is surrounding with uncertainty. Uncertainty it is felt like unsecure to me. Sometime really tired in getting the challenges of uncertainty. Although i am the person who willing to change to trade up with uncertainty, but it's really tired. Uncertainty can lead u to anyway else. Really unsecure. For a moment i felt so down, emo, trying to finding some one else to express myself, but i don't noe wat to say.

The thing i were still learning is about the way to talk, the way to express myself, try to make ppl understand wat i m doing. But still in learning stage. When u trying to say something, do something to concern about people, but, people dun understand....

Somemore, the thing i had done, but the outcome not as wat i expected. It's really a dissapointment for myself. I was trying hard, putting effort, but why it's still like that? WHY?
I jz wanna get some achievement.. Jz little achievement.....but, its can't. Who can get the feel of mine? Who noe? Who care.... No no no no.........!

Ok...mayb now its the time for me to emo in this little moment. Off for few hours ba....
Bye... Wanna RIP in this moment d.

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