Friday, October 30, 2009

Rushing + Busy Day

Today quite a busy day...

Suppose my class end at 5.30pm but Tutor lets us gone on 5pm... So... i still able rush bac to seremban and went to bkt pelandok for camp meeting.

Camp Meeting? wat camp?


Its organized by my church branch at bkt pelandok.. And i have the chance to involve..hehe

I think i oso wanna to become happy kid... because... life's hard, back to kid's world can be no worry, and having fun at all...

So... kids, im coming to join u all..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Listened~ Think twice, act Wice..Part two

Really thz God.. All the thing settle... God really listen our pray!

Today the young men came to my parent and talk softly tat he will follow bac the old rule...

Thn my mum taking this chance to tell him tat, nex time before making any decision..plz... discuss with us 1st, otherwise it would affect our shop biz... And he said....OK!

OOOO....amazing.... He came by himself and talk softly leh... Not parent ask him come to talk!
Yes...thz God!

Great Day, Great Time > special ME!

Ha ha... actually i oso albe to manage a blog + adding some gadgets...

Last time really no mood to doing this all tihng... But... Currently im really need some place to share and Released.. SO.. This would a great place for me to share.. ha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Think twice, act Wise

Today afternoon, i call to my mum... jz think to ask about our new house address for amendment in Maicsa Profile. By the way, after getting the address, i ask my mum is that everything fine in business. Sudden my mom tone getting high. Than i felt something had been happen...

Again...our shop's stall Wan Tan Mee seller made a mad things again. OMG, this time he was too over the's ''crossing the line''.

Today, he sudden told my mum tat, he wanna refuse to paid the management fees (employing worker for collecting and washing plate). And the reason is to wan raise his own staff salary. By the way, my parent told him cannot like that, we still got other stall need somebody doing this stuff. Thn he was quite.

After few minute, he came to my parent again, he said he already call the chicken rice stall boss n he oso agreed that all the dairy stuff will settle by own. WTH men... its crossing the line... This thing whld be the shop owner do 1.

Lets see, last time whn the worker is adsent for 1 day.... the guy said: ''Aunty, cannot like tat ooo, without the staff all the thing stucking ter.'' Of course, the worker adsent is our responsibility, thn we sure refund for tat days fees. For sure, all the stuff must settle by them. But...its too busy during lunch hour...Ter all really cant make it, thn how? My parent helping them.

Really shit le..that guy. Wat the hell.. He jz said help my parent to tell the worker tmr no nid come bac to work. Its really...!

For sure... wat do u think about him? How come he got that kind of ''brave'' or ''gut'' doing all those thing? Haha... he think he is great and we all depends on him. He never think about his

Tmr, my parent will meet him up... i ask my parent trying to negotiate with him. See wat is his reflect. i told my parent, tat is no nid to ''scare'' him, and jz said we will still goin wit the old rule, if he really dun like...ok... nex month would be urs last time in my shop. But for sure, i asking my parent giving him a chance and explain to him wat is the situation for him if he really not with us.

( situation is: if he is goin to move to the area near by my shop..its ok.. but 1 thing is, his profit gain would drop to 50%. Y? If he moving we would not let the stall empty, and will letting for others do the same biz...)

The place prepared by God it's strategic place.. Thz God.. We all are depends to GOD, not others