Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sudden felt so tired in this few days. My mind don'y know why its filling up with all the temptation, all this this thing is about future. I want this i want this. Few weeks only, i already tired. As what i known, everything got its own starting point, and the first step is the hardest step, its neither how expert nor talented you are, you also had to sacrifices something. Just sudden felt a bit tired when you are walk alone. Sometimes i think that if i starting my working life in kl, i will get my status, position, types of friends, experience new thing, some more can get happy hour with friends. Confusing~
The way i chose it is suit to me?
Sometimes it like what we called, we must give up something, then only you can get the other things.
What the thing i want?
What the future u desired?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


see a tortoise ter? haha
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Sea in langkawi is consider clear ba...
as long i can see its green bring on some blue...
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stone island

A little weird island in Langkawi///
like a stone in middle of sea..haha
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small little boat for big ambition!

In future..i promise..
i promise i goin to have this boat, even bigger thn this!!!!
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